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Welcome to the theme world of Grindlheim

Grindlheim is a highly detailed and immersive theme world being created in Planet Coaster by Zarroc91 / Dravarol. Inspired by Klugheim at Phantasialand, Grindlheim features two rollercoasters: K'aros, a fast and intense multi launch coaster with quick turn-arounds, frightening head-choppers and an entwined layout and Ri'kh, a family coaster that takes you on a short journey through the heart of Grindlheim.


Experience the two unique rollercoasters K'aros and Ri'kh

Grindlheim Project Blog

Last Update: 24 May 2020

Project Progress:

 ~ 90%

#11 - Entrance Plaza & Restaurant

24 May 2020  |  Tags: Grindlheim

With today's long overdue update on Grindlheim we return to the entrance plaza of the theme world and have a closer look at the buildings surrounding it. Especially at the cosy little restaurant called Schmausestube, the final building of the whole Grindlheim project.

#10 - Impressions from Ri'kh

26 March 2020  |  Tags: Rikh

In today's update we continue our tour around the family coaster Ri'kh and not only peak inside its station but also check out the first section of track. I also got some very good news to share: Work on Grindlheim has been completed and I released some sets on the Workshop!

#9 - The Queue Line of Ri'kh

27 February 2020  |  Tags: Rikh

In the previous posts we followed the circular footpath from the entrance of K’aros to the opposite side of the area where the entrance to Ri’kh, the smaller, family friendly coaster of the two is situated. This time we continue and check out its complete, fully themed queue line.

#8 - Arriving at Ri'kh

8 January 2020  |  Tags: Grindlheim

This time we contiue were we left off and finally arrive at the entrance to the queue line of Ri'kh, the family coaster of Grindlheim. On the way we cross a beautiful bridge before we have a look at one of the very detailed sides of Ri'kh's massive queue building.

#7 - Following the Path to Ri'kh

25 November 2019  |  Tags: Grindlheim

In today's small update we once more continue our trip on the circular footpath surrounding Grindlheim and check out the theming elements, shops and facilities on the way which will lead us to Ri'kh eventually, the second coaster in the Grindlheim theme world.

#6 - K'aros Roast House Pt. 2

14 October 2019  |  Tags: Grindlheim

Today's blog post completes our tour in and around the K'aros coffee roast house, the big theming experience along the footpath that surrounds Grindlheim. We also finally visit the observation deck including the coffee shop right next to the roast house.

#5 - K'aros Roast House Pt. 1

15 September 2019  |  Tags: Grindlheim

Grindlheim is built with a circular path surrounding the complete theme world with the two coasters located in the center. In today's blog post we have a closer look at the first section of this footpath which leads right through the K'aros coffee roast house.

#4 - The First Launch of K'aros

5 August 2019  |  Tags: Karos

After waiting in the queue line and entering the station building, it is now time to take a seat on K'aros. In this blog post we follow the coaster along its first section and experience the effect-loaded first launch.

#3 - The Station of K'aros

23 June 2019  |  Tags: Karos

Last time I showed you the complete queue line of K'aros from the entrance to the station. In this post we continue and not only take a look inside the station of K'aros but also look at the exterior of the station building from various angles.

#2 - The Queue Line of K'aros

7 April 2019  |  Tags: Karos

For heavily themed coasters like K'aros, standing in line for the ride is an integral part of the experience. An interesting queue with good theming is important to built up excitement for the ride. In this blog post I will give you a complete tour of the heavily themed queue line of K'aros.

#1 - Welcome to the Grindlheim Blog

17 March 2019  |  Tags: Grindlheim

Welcome to the Grindlheim Blog, dear Planet Coaster friends and enthusiasts. I'm pleased you found your way onto this site and my project blog. This is the very first post here, so please stick around and let me explain to you what Grindlheim is, what I'm building here and what is planned.