Welcome to the Grindlheim Blog

Update #1  -  03/17/2019
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Welcome to the Grindlheim Blog, dear Planet Coaster friends and enthusiasts. I'm pleased you found your way onto this site and my project blog. This is the very first post here, so please stick around and let me explain to you what Grindlheim is, what I'm building here and what is planned.

At first I'd like to introduce you the project: Grindlheim is an immersive Planet Coaster theme world that I started building at the end of 2016. At that time I visited the amazing Klugheim at Phantasialand in Germany and since then I wanted to create something similar within Planet Coaster which was just released at that time. But during the second half of 2017 and till summer 2018 I spent most of the time in Planet Coaster with building VOLT, a launch coaster inspired by HELIX at Liseberg.

But since then I was back dedicating all my Planet Coaster time on Grindlheim. If I have to guess I'd say I already spent 400 - 500 hours into this project and I'm not close to finishing. But I have enough in stock now to finally show you what I'm working on. Like Klugheim, Grindlheim has two rollercoasters: K'aros, a fast multi launch coaster and Ri'kh, a family coaster. You can check out their dedicated pages on this site for some more information, stats and a few images. But there are many more details, information and images to come in the future.

I created this blog to beautifully present the project in an organized and chronological order. Nevertheless I will still post every update on Reddit, or on the Planet Coaster Forums so you can comment and discuss the progress or suggest improvements. Every blog post will consist of text and a gallery below. Some images will have descriptions that you can toggle on and off with the eye-symbol in the gallery controls.

That's it for now. Please check out the images below and come back for the next update.
Zarroc91 / Dravarol