The Queue Line of K'aros

Update #2  -  04/07/2019
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Welcome back to the second post here on the Grindlheim blog.
Today I want to show you the complete queue line of K'aros.

For heavily themed coasters like K'aros, standing in line for the ride is an integral part of the experience. Usually more time is spent in the queue than on the ride itself. Therefore an interesting queue layout and good theming are important to built up excitement for the ride.

Like at Klugheim at Phantasialand, I decided to not integrate pre-shows into my queues but try to make them interesting by layout, architecture, theming and music. While I'm currently making good progress on the queue for Ri'kh, K'aros' queue line is already finished and ready to be shown to you. As you might understand after viewing the 14 images I brought along for today, building K'aros' queue and theming it was not an easy task because most of it is hidden inside multi-story buildings. Furthermore, elevated sections cross the coasters K'aros and Ri'kh several times. I was struggling especially with theming curved stairs which I'm trying to avoid from now on.

Without further ado, please view the gallery below for a complete tour of the queue line of K'aros.