Entrance Plaza & Restaurant

Update #11  -  05/24/2020

Welcome back for another update! It's been two long months since the last one, but today I finally found some time for the next one. Last time we followed the first track section of Ri'kh, the family coaster. For today's update we focus mainly on theming and return to the entrance plaza of Grindlheim.

There's only one path leading in and out of Grindlheim. It connects to a plaza, the place where guests first enter into the immersive theme world. As mentioned and partially shown in previous updates, the entrance to the queue line of K'aros is located here, as well as other facilities and a restaurant. I started planning and laying out this area of Grindlheim very early on in the project. Though the facilities and queue buildings of K'aros were among the first ones to be erected, the rest of the plaza was left unfinished till the very end. The restaurant I mentioned before was the last and final build in the whole project.

I did not like the idea of the restaurant being a black box that guests just disappear in. Therefore, to create a realistic restaurant with guests sitting on real tables inside the building, I did not make use of the in-game restaurant system but went for a self-service approach with standard food stalls and a seating area instead. This allowed me to theme the inside of the restaurant as well. The finished restaurant is called "Schmausestube", which loosely translates to "a cosy place to eat".

Please check out the gallery below for detailed views on all the buildings on the entrance plaza of Grindlheim. But before that, please have a look at this bird's eye view of the completed Grindlheim theme world with location markers. Click on it to zoom in!