Impressions from Ri'kh

Update #10  -  03/26/2020
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Welcome back for another update on Grindlheim. Let's start off with some good news first:

Work on Grindlheim has been completed! It is done!

I had a very productive phase over the last weeks and was able to finish the remaining unthemed parts of Grindlheim much quicker than I anticipated. In particular, I created the main restaurant of Grindlheim next to the entrance to K'aros and I finished theming the entrance area of Grindlheim itself. This does not mean that I am done with the project though. I still want to create music for the coasters and the theme world and I also want to make a video of course. This will take some more time and I will release Grindlheim to the workshop when the project as a whole is done. Till then you can expect some more updates to be released on my blog here.

Nevertheless I already released a collection of useful objects and sets from Grindlheim on the workshop. Please check them out via the link below, they might be useful for your creations as well.

Grindlheim Collection
Useful decorative objects from Grindlheim, now on the Steam Workshop!

But let's get back to the topic of today which is Ri'kh, the family coaster. In the last update I showed you the complete queue line and today we continue with the station and the first section of track. The station of Ri'kh is situated in the middle of Grindlheim and is surrounded by the tracks of K'aros. Due to the space limitians it is only a single sided station, but throughput is not mitigated by that.

When the coaster car leaves the station it immediatly encounters the lift hill which is partly enclosed by a big tower which itself is part of the Ri'kh queue building. Right under the lift hill K'aros passes through the same tower two times as well. I built complicated skewed wooden corridors out of individual boards to separate the tracks of K'ars and Ri'kh from each other while they pass through the building. You can see the result on pictures 3 to 6.

Now, please check out the gallery below to continue following the first track-section of Ri'kh.