The Station of K'aros

Update #3  -  06/23/2019
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Welcome back for the third post here on the Grindlheim blog.
Last time I showed you the queue line of K'aros up to the point where guests finally enter the station building before taking a seat in the coaster. In todays post we continue from this point and take a look in and around the station of K'aros.

It's been a while since the last blog post. Much longer than I intended, I have to admit. I planned to release updates every two weeks or at least once per month but it just didn't work out during the last two months. Nevertheless, I continued working on Ri'kh's queue line and made very good progress, so much that it is completed. I hope that I will be able to update the blog a bit quicker next time. I still have a lot to show to you.

Now, please view the gallery below for a complete tour of the station of K'aros.