The First Launch of K'aros

Update #4  -  08/05/2019
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In the last two blog posts we had a look at the queue line and station building of K'aros. Today we follow the K'aros experience by taking a seat in the coaster and checking out its first section starting at the station and leading up to the first launch.

As ususal with Grindlheim, inspiration of this section was taken from Taron at Phantasialand. The coaster slowly leaves the station and makes its way around the first corners until it stops on the launch track. A synchronized soundtrack is being played throughout this part to raise the suspense before the sudden launch. I'm doing the same with K'aros but I added some extra effects. In Grindlheim the launches of K'aros are being powered by a huge steam machine located in the queue line. Right before the launch, dozens of triggered steam and sound effects raise the suspense even further. Getting all the effects to work was not an easy task because I ran into issues with the game not triggering some of them properly.

Please check out the gallery below for a picture-tour of K'aros' first launch.