K'aros Roast House Pt. 1

Update #5  -  09/15/2019
Reddit Shyguy's World

While the last three blog posts followed the ride experience of K'aros, today, we focus more on the theming and check out the first section of the circular footpath that surrounds Grindlheim and the two coasters. While the queue to K'aros lies near the entrance of the theme world, the exit of K'aros and entrance if Ri'kh are located on the other side of the Grindlheim. The circular footpath connects these locations and therefore is much-frequented. My goal is that walking along the footpath is an experience on its own due to heavy theming.

One special theming element along the path is the K'aros coffee roast house, where the beans for the coffee shop on the observation deck seem to be produced. Following the theme of Grindlheim, the roast house is not powered by electricity but by a waterwheel at the side of the building. The circular motion of the wheel is transported via a complex set of cogs and powers the roasters. Guests walk right through the roast house and can experience the rattle, roars and vibrations of this large machine first hand.

Please check out the gallery below and follow along the path through the K'aros roast house.