K'aros Roast House Pt. 2

Update #6  -  10/14/2019
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Last time I showed you the first section of the circular footpath surrounding Grindlheim and we also visited the K'aros coffee roast house this path leads right through. In today's blog post we continue the tour in and around the roast house and we also visit the observation deck right next to it.

We start with some pictures of the rear of the building which I did not show last time. We also have a closer look at the big waterfall that K'aros rushes over directly after the second launch when the train reaches its maximum speed. This is also the place where the water for the waterweel that powers the roast house is taken from. The water is then guided to the wheel with elaborate wooden channels stretching over and around the roast house. Check out this little video to see the big waterfall and K'aros in action.

Until its completion the roast house was the most complicated building I had created in Planet Coaster. This is due to the multiple crossings of paths and coasters on different levels. This house is not just an outer shell, every place that visitors can see is themed to the same level of detail. No compromises made, no flickering textures, no objects sticking out of walls! This was all topped when I started on the Ri'kh queue building which is still not finished and much more complex. But that's a story for a future blog post.

Now, please check out the gallery below and finish the tour through the K'aros roast house.