Following the Path to Ri'kh

Update #7  -  11/25/2019

Welcome back to the blog to today's update which is a just a small one. We contiue to focus once more on the circular footpath surrounding Grindlheim. This will eventually lead us to the entrance to Ri'kh, the second and family focused coaster in Grindlheim. We start following this path were we left off last time, at the K'aros roast house.

Though there is no big theming element waiting for us to explore on this next section of the path, the general 360° theming that is present everywhere in Grindlheim is still worth to look at. We also come by the area where the exit of K'aros connects back to the main footpath.

Next time I will start to show the first images of the queue building for Ri'kh which I am very proud of. So don't forget to come back for those. Also, I made very good progress and started to theme the most complicated part of track of K'aros. More and more elements of Grindlheim are coming together nicely at the moment.

Now, please check out the gallery below and follow along the path through Grindlheim.