Arriving at Ri'kh

Update #8  -  01/08/2020

For the last three updates we followed the circular footpath that surrounds Grindlheim and checked out all the details along the path. For the first update in the new year of 2020 - happy new year to you all - we continue this trend once more. Today we will finally arrive at the other side of Grindlheim at the entrance to the queue line of Ri'kh, the family coaster of Grindlheim.

We start were we left off last time by crossing a bridge that leads to the entrance plaza of Ri'kh. It crosses over another path that connects the exit of Ri'kh back to the main path at ground level. Then we enter the entrance plaza of Ri'kh and check out the datailed facade of Ri'kh's queue building.

Once finished, the entrance plaza will be completely surrounded by facades and buildings and will represent an immersive town square. But till now, only one side is finished. In the next update we will be entering the detailed queue line of Ri'kh.

Now, please check out the gallery below and follow along the path through Grindlheim.