The Queue Line of Ri'kh

Update #9  -  02/27/2020
Reddit Shyguy's World

It is time for an update again and this time, and probably in the next updates as well, we focus our attention on Ri'kh, the smaller, family friendlier one of the two roller coasters in Grindlheim. In the previous updates we took the long way along the footpath surrounding Grindlheim from K'aros' entrance all the way to the entrance of Ri'kh, where we left off last time. Today, we continue and walk along the complete, fully themed queue line of Ri'kh.

Like the queue of K’aros which I have already shown in a previous blog post (The Queue Line of K'aros), Ri’kh’s queue is themed from the inside and out. Every point that can be reached and viewed from a guest's perspective is supposed to be fully themed and to not break the immersion.

Most of the queue is located inside the largest contiguous building of Grindlheim. Though it is quite a long queue, it occupies a relatively small amount of space without using the typical but boring “cattle-pen” style layout. This is only possible because it stretches over multiple stories and makes good use of the available space. For example, most of the queue building is not just an empty shell. Even Ri’kh itself and K'aros cross the building several times. Though this made constructing the building more difficult than ususal, I am very happy with the result and I think that Ri'kh's queue turned out better than K'aros'.

Now, please check out the gallery below for no less than 22 images of the queue line. Also have a look at the last image in particular for an overview shot with the course of the queue highlighted.